Trade Institute
of Victoria


Helping Tradies Create Their Own Career Paths


Established in 2007, the Trade Institute of Victoria is the state leader in building and construction education. They provide stimulating courses in a personalised learning environment designed to help tradies carve their own paths in the construction industry.

With over 91% of graduates employed or enrolled in further education, TIV has set the standard for effective training in building and construction.

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The Goal

Prior to teaming up with TIV, things weren’t going too well on the Meta front. After completing an audit of their account, we discovered that campaigns and ad setup were left to run without any thought or strategy in place. 

Key elements were missing. Best practices were not in practice. The creative was not tailored to a social audience and lacked personality. Tracking was completely off, making it nearly impossible to determine the effectiveness of any campaign.

After performing this audit TIV decided to work with us on bringing their account up to speed—and eventually exceed—their competitor's efforts.

TIV desired to increase the volume and quality of enquiries arriving via paid social. They sought our expertise in creating effective ads that qualified leads before landing on site, further increasing enrollment across all course locations.

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The Solution

With little to work with in the existing account, we started from scratch and revamped their entire Meta account. 

New audiences were imported and new campaigns were created, making better use of their first-party data to create lookalikes.

We ran multiple versions of ads simultaneously, testing and learning which pairing of assets and copy worked the best. We then took the top performers and tested them against each other, discovering the granular details necessary to make every campaign successful.

We continued our audit, this time diving deeper into the overall website experience. After our user experience analysis, we discovered that the current website and course pages were not effective at keeping paid leads engaged on the site.

We worked with TIV to create and optimise custom-built landing pages for each of our campaign types. These pages were designed to streamline the enrollment process and led to a sharp increase in conversion rate.

Just because we discovered which assets and copy performed the best, that doesn’t mean our work was done. We continued to test new and emerging ideas against our bread-and-butter ad creatives. This led to unlocking even more messages that resonated with diverse audiences, such as women in trade. Our never-stop-always-refining approach continued to drive highly qualified enquiries for the business.



Over the course of this lead generation project, TIV saw:

  • 55% increase in leads
  • 34% cheaper cost per lead
  • 31% cheaper cost per click

We are proud to have the opportunity to work with Victoria’s leader in building and construction training, helping tradies discover all the unique pathways they can take in the industry.