What We Do

By now you know we’re Soul+Wolf. A full-service digital agency in Melbourne, Australia.
We’re busy building beautiful digital products and helping our clients grow their businesses. We create, support and market digital products.
We’re all about people and process and use strategy, design and technology to solve problems.

Website Development

Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy is far more than just your website. Through technology, we can help transform your business, processes and customer experiences. We look at trends and work with emerging technologies to grow your business and solve problems.

UX & UI Design

Without question, design is how something looks. But it’s also the way it works and feels. No matter the industry or problem you’re trying to solve, by putting people first and applying design-thinking methods, we will understand who your customers are and what they need or expect. The rest will design itself.

Web Development

Web development – at least the type we do – isn’t something your nephew can do for free. We know the importance of creating a website that leaves a lasting impression with your customers. Using the latest technologies, we will work with you to develop a website both you and your customers love.

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Magento Development

With the power of Magento 2, we can focus on every aspect of your business, extract vital information and develop a bespoke strategy that addresses the unique needs and goals of both your business and your customer, taking conversion to the next level.

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SilverStripe Development

If a website fails, your business fails. SilverStripe is all about performance and scales up to accommodate the most content ­rich and interactive sites, while keeping them easy to edit.

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Digital Marketing

SEO Marketing

89% of consumers use search engines before buying. So get proactive and enlist our SEO services to get those consumers to see your brand first. Soul+Wolf will guide you through every aspect of your business’s organic presence, from on-page SEO to link strategy. Our industry-leading SEO support is yours every step of the way.

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PPC Marketing

Target the right audience, at the right time, on the right platform with a targeted PPC campaign. PPC allows your business to tightly control when and where your ads appear, maximising your return by focusing your budget on keywords and audiences that perform best.

Social Marketing

Waiting to see a healthy return on your social media investment? With the right strategy and highly targeted Facebook & Instagram advertising Soul+Wolf can help you reach your audience at the right time with the right message.