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Purveyors of sweet memories & unconditional love.


Established in 2003, Melbourne-based brand Nana Huchy curate timeless baby gifts and charming children's toys. Through thoughtful design, wholesome characters and utilising the softest materials — the brand omits a penchant for superior quality, with every item built for a lifetime of love and treasured memories.

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The Goal 

Nana Huchy had accumulated good sales through a range of boutique retailers across the country — growing a loyal customer base and impressive market awareness. With the brand not being overly equipped for the world of eCommerce, and relying solely on stockists for revenue — business turnover had yet to scale significantly. 

Soul+Wolf took warm and fuzzy steps to improve their digital impact — to implement new and effective ways of reaching and selling to their customers directly, and taking command of inherent growth opportunities.

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We saw infinite potential in exploring the use of paid channels and SEO to drive online revenue at a profitable and scalable return — swiftly creating a full-funnel digital strategy that employed multiple channels across Social, Google Ads and Organic Traffic.

The Solution


Utilising Nana Huchy's excellent photography and user-generated content, we created engaging ads that were fit-for-purpose across their customer's social media feeds and Instagram Stories.

By leveraging the powerful audience capabilities of Facebook, we efficiently drew eyeballs from more users — reaching users who were interested in other kids brands, those who'd purchased or visited Nana Huchy before, and also anyone who'd engaged with the brand on social media. We then extended the brand’s reach leveraging lookalike audiences of Nana Huchy’s highest valued customers.

All the while, we continued to monitor and measure ad spend across all live campaigns — to best optimise for maximum return from each ad.

Google Ads

With thorough keyword research and targeted creative, we were able to drive revenue from parents searching for the perfect animal soft toy or princess. We then created a Smart Shopping campaign that focused on the brand's leading soft toy products, soon seeing a 400% increased return on ad spend. 


Through leading keyword research, we identified additional opportunities to optimise Nana Huchy's website through new collection pages — matching highly searched keywords and better categorising their product range. 

Following a full-scale SEO Audit, we optimised the titles, descriptions and content across the site for greater organic search traction. 

Given Nana Huchy had recently migrated to Shopify from their long-term, closed-source CMS, we implemented several-thousand 301 redirects from 404 (not found) pages — preserving their SEO value and navigating users to the most relevant collection or product page.


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Networks Used

The Results

Since launching the digital strategy in November 2019, Nana Huchy has seen tremendous growth across all digital channels, not to mention a substantial increase in revenue.

  • 316

    Traffic Growth

  • 187

    Increase in online revenue

  • 480

    Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

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