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Runway Room were inspired and clear with an ambitious target – to double eCommerce revenue in 6 months.

The Goal

Runway Room, and their founder Alex Fevola, have solid foundations in the beauty industry – with some 15 years of experience specialising in wedding and salon makeup. 

However, when COVID-19 hit Melbourne, they saw the need to pivot and prioritise their growing cosmetics lines; looking to promote a revenue stream that wasn't reliant on in-person salon services or courses.

They sought a long-term partner to step in to drive online growth and scale their entire eCommerce operation.

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We planned and implemented a 4-pronged approach that generated 1,100% more revenue in 90 days.

The Solution

In a digital market dominated by forward-thinking retailers, the Runway Room website lacked trust-points and usability that seasoned buyers have come to expect. And despite dynamic product lines, they had vast amounts of thin and broken online content - making it impossible for products and collections to grow organically. 

Among their impressive and engaged Instagram following, there’d also been little to no emphasis put into any paid media strategy.

So, armed with a significant challenge (and imminent deadline) we enacted a 4-step approach to radically scale performance:

  1. Starting with a complete eCommerce audit, we discovered several areas of improvement to make online shopping with Runway Room both easier and enjoyable. We swiftly established a smoother add-to-cart experience and began showcasing the brands natural and cruelty-free ingredients. And through sharing product reviews we outlined a more user-centric navigation that concentrated on the online store. 

  2. Weighing on the powerful social backdrop driving the beauty industry, we turned to Facebook Ads to engage existing audiences and reach brand-new customers to propel rapid brand growth. We took full advantage of Facebook’s machine learning by installing the Facebook Pixel, and created a consolidated and high-converting account structure that eliminated any wasted spend – targeting data-driven demographics for maximum engagement and returns. 

  3. Existing site limitations lead to a smart decision to redevelop the website theme after the brands move to Shopify Plus. And with ambitious growth targets, we developed a conversion-focused yet brand-conscious website in just three weeks, giving our marketing team a platform to achieve continued success. This step also involved installing Shopify Apps to upsell in the cart and increase the usability of collections pages.

  4. Leveraging a mix of Google Keyword Planner and Search Console data, we renamed Runway Room’s entire product catalogue – creating search-friendly names for products and their variants. This not only created a more intuitive shopping experience; but immediately presented notable improvements from a search and Google Shopping perspective.

The Results

Our advanced and integrated digital strategy produced extraordinary growth in under 4 months:

  • 338

    Increase In Online Sessions

  • 1100

    Increase In Online Revenue

  • 129

    Improvement In Conversion Rates

  • 900


“I’m thrilled with the results and really impressed with Soul+Wolf – they’re fantastic, so engaged and truly care about my business.” 

Alex Fevola, Director - Runway Room
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