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Did you know that 23% of recipients open unknown emails and 11% click on attachments?

Here are some other scare tactics interesting facts & figures:

  • Australia faced over 10 million cyber-attacks in 2017, Deloitte Consulting Services study.
  • 19% (or 400,000) of 2.1 million Australian SME’s have had a cyber-attack, Norton SMB Cybersecurity survey.
  • 60% of Australian cyber-attacks target SME’s (probably due to their relative lack of resources or interest to invest in security).
  • Over 1 million new pieces of malware (or viruses) are created every day.

Along with the serious damage that even a minor security breach can cause your brand, reputation and business, a recent amendment to the Privacy Act 1998 Law means there are some pretty heavy fines now involved too.

Please don't be someone who calls us when it's too late. We’ll definitely still help and completely resolve your security concerns, but when you understand how easily things could have been prevented, you’ll wonder why you didn't act sooner.

We’ll constantly monitor and safeguard your digital product before anything goes wrong and be instantly notified the moment a threat is detected and immediately removed.

When it comes to online security, prevention is the greatest form of protection. If your business is online, this is a must.

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