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Carving Out a Niche in Australia’s Competitive Tattoo Industry

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Tatt Lab was born out of a lifelong fascination with the genealogy, artistry and nuances of body art — both traditional and contemporary. 

Over the past few years, this young company has grown to become the one-stop shop for artists and tattoo enthusiasts alike, stocking the world’s best brands in tattooing. But it wasn’t always like this. Not long ago, Tatt Lab didn’t even have a website.

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The Goal 

In the beginning, Tatt Lab was just an idea. Artists use multiple brands of inks, stencils, machines, needles, and more. Yet when it came time to stock their studio, there were very few Aussie distributors who stocked every brand. Artists would end up having to order from multiple international and domestic suppliers, racking up shipping fees with every purchase.

For tattoo enthusiasts, the story was much the same. Aftercare creams and healing ointments designed specifically for tattoos were next to impossible to find in stores or online. This led many to lean on alternative, less effective treatments found at a local chemist (e.g. nappy rash cream or eczema lotion).

Tatt Lab knew the disconnect was there, but had no idea how to find these audiences online. And the few Aussie brands that monopolised the industry had a dedicated, almost impenetrable following, regardless of whether they were the better option. Tatt Lab sought our help to create a brand that would resonate with artists and enthusiasts alike, and it all started with the website.

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Tatt Lab wanted an all-around partner who understood design, ecommerce, and growth, and had the experience necessary to scale business profitability while acquiring repeat customers along the way.

The Solution


Our journey started with building a conversion-oriented website. Using the consumer psychology of our specific target audience, we rolled out:

  • Competitively priced product bundles encouraging users to save more on each purchase.
  • Multiple payment gateways to encourage larger order values and streamline the checkout (e.g. Express Pay, Klarna, and AfterPay).
  • A wholesale system allowing artists to easily stock their studio with multiple brands, all being shipped from a  centralised warehouse. 

After setting up these parts of the website, we knew that organic growth would be a significant contributor to the long-term success of Tatt Lab. Setting up strong SEO foundations early would consistently attract users to the website in the mid-term, further serving the brand years down the road. We build the website architecture around product categories and brands that customers are searching for, positioning Tatt Lab as the quick shipping, best-priced option within the search results.

This early-stage SEO strategy was held up by strong, relevant content. This included:

  • Blog content targeting low competition, high search volume keywords to capture users at different points of their Messy Middle journey.
  • Rock solid, optimised category descriptions to help users find the right products.
  • Product descriptions optimised for important keywords, further helping the brand rank for product and name brand searches.

With the website converting, we knew how essential it was for Tatt Lab to maintain its growing customer base. Getting previous customers to return and order again will save the brand on crucial ad spend. We leaned into Klaviyo to nurture subscribers and previous customers, targeting each with highly personalised email flows based on their recent purchases. For example, if an artist purchased ink,  in the following month we would send an email themed around restocking the studio again.

 Website, content, and remarketing are all squared away. The last piece to the puzzle? Influencer marketing.

Visual content is THE way to build authority in the tattoo industry. Many first-time clients will scope out artists on social media before ever stepping foot into a tattoo studio. The best artists attract long wait lists by sharing their artistry with a wider audience. 

In order for Tatt Lab to garner authority and maintain trust in the industry we tapped into the power of influencers. Our team of creators already use Tatt Lab products daily in the studio, which made for an effective, unforced collaboration. This influencer marketing strategy helped Tatt Lab leverage highly shareable UGC content across multiple platforms, ensuring the brand is seen, heard, and trusted by the wider industry.

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Tatt Lab (Results)

The results of our early-stage strategy paid off in dividends for Tatt Lab:

- Consistently hitting $100,000+ in revenue per month

- 40,000 customers in the first 18 months

  • 1000

    Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) across Meta & Google

  • 7

    Conversion Rate

This was an enormous undertaking. We enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) collaborating with a team that trusted us so early into their development. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next 18 months at Tatt Lab.

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