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Creating Small Moments of Luxury


Passion for textiles has run in the Adairs family for five generations. Family-owned and operated in Melbourne, Abode Living prides itself on using only the finest materials and expert craftsmanship to create its extensive range of luxury linen. 

Everything they make—from sheeting to quilts, bathrobes and more—they make to last.

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The Goal

Always looking to innovate and refine their processes, the team at Abode Living were experiencing pain points with their current WordPress site.

Pain Points

  • The site did not meet exceptional standards of security. 
  • There were structural limitations within WordPress that prevented the business from scaling. 
  • Content management experience was not user-friendly for both content creators and site visitors.

To solve these issues, we worked with Abode Living to carry out a full site migration from WordPress to Shopify+.

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Migrating to Shopify+ opened up a world of customisation for Abode Living. We were able to deliver custom-built features to meet the specific needs of the business, along with a backend that was easy to use and a seamless frontend user experience.

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The Solution


Custom Features

To further elevate the user experience we added custom-built features to differentiate the site from all competitors.

  • Bespoke filtering logic to make it effortless for users to find exactly what they want.
  • Shopping codes in the cart slide out so users can clearly see how active promotions affect the overall order value.
  • A 'Complete The Collection’ feature on Product pages, encouraging users to purchase multiple items.
  • Additional ‘Complete The Collection’ feature logic against the cart slide out, with conditional formatting to show or hide based on what was added into the cart. This feature further reminded users of products they are missing out on while increasing the overall average order value.

On the backend, we also built MYOB Exo integration, co-managed with CyberWorkshop - Exo integration specialists.


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Networks Used

  • ShopifyPlus

Post-Launch Results

We don’t design beautiful websites for design’s sake. We deeply care about the impact the design will have on the business’s bottom line. 

After bringing this new site to life, Abode Living saw an increase in cart sizes, with the business achieving its highest average order value ever in the first month after launch. This number remained consistent in the following months, increasing on average by $37 per order during the holiday shopping season. These results prove that the ‘Complete the Collection’ feature is working as intended.

We Never Stop Iterating

Post-launch, we discovered a few key 1%’ers that could deliver a positive impact to the business. 

  • International Shipping was a long-time goal for Abode Living. After switching to Shopify+, the business was finally able to meet product demand for New Zealand customers. Through Shopify Markets, we were able to set up international shipping options at checkout, making it effortless for overseas customers to purchase products.
  • Gift Card Activation was an additional custom feature we implemented, allowing users to send a gift card to a loved one/friend. Rather than having users forward a gift card to the intended recipient (and ruin the surprise), users can declare an email address they want the gift card to go to. The user then gets a confirmation email, while the gift recipient gets a specific email that opens up in a digital envelope, presenting the gift code.


Wonderful people. Wonderful product. And a business steeped in legacy and quality. We are so happy to be working with Abode Living and look forward to discovering more opportunities for the business to capitalise on.