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Giving Near-New Phones a Second Life.

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Belong—a subsidiary of Telstra—is a carbon-neutral telecommunications provider. They have been recognised multiple times nationally for their sustainable approach to telco.

Kingfisher is a next-generation mobile experience company. Like Belong, they have also taken steps towards sustainability, creating a mobile ecosystem where devices can be upcycled, recycled, refurbished and reused.

The Goal

With the world throwing away close to 45 million tonnes of electronic trash each year, Belong wanted to do something to curb the dangerous impacts of e-waste on the planet. They partnered with Kingfisher, who engaged us to create a website for their Second Life Phones Program. Kingfisher would source, refurbish, and sell high-quality phones through a seamless and trusted purchasing experience. The ultimate goal? To bring customers great tech, at a great price, that is great for the planet.


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To do this, we would need to develop the digital strategy, user experience and interface design and all components of the ecommerce build. This included a frontend developed to WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliance and a private Shopify Application to facilitate Device and SIM Card distribution and reporting.

We were also tasked with providing the procurement of a suitable vendor to facilitate the store's integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX. We worked closely with Belong & Kingfisher to deliver this key component of the project.

Finally, we needed to incorporate functionality for a SIM Card gift-with-purchase, included in each new order.

Kingfisher engaged us to deliver an ecommerce experience unlike no other. The goal of which was to sell near-new/high-quality refurbished handheld devices that would mimic the exact same feeling and 'peace of mind' that comes from buying a brand new mobile phone.

The Solution


Starting on the frontend we crafted a simple, beautiful, high-performing ecommerce website that's entirely on brand and meets WCAG 2.0 Level AA accessibility standards. And outside of things that we consider an ecommerce standard, the Product pages are clear and readable, and the Cart Drawer slides out seamlessly with a click.

The Product page contains a floating "add to cart" drawer that pins to the bottom of the screen on scroll, and allows a user to select a product's variants and add it cart from anywhere on the screen - which is particularly useful as most of these pages contain a lot of necessary product information. On mobile where page lengths are often longer further-still, this feature is useful even more so.
'Adding to Cart' is also a really clear, satisfying event. Along with the use of various Trust Symbols and Badges throughout the website and cart, upon clicking the 'add to cart' button, the page darkens and the Cart Draw slides out from the right. You're immediately greeted with a clear, simple and stunning) Free Shipping notification.


With each device purchase, Belong wanted to reward its users with a free $80 mobile SIM Card. Because of the dollar value of the cards, there is a lot of compliance that both Kingfisher and Belong would need to meet. In addition to this, they are legally required to track every device (and IMEI) that’s sold through the store.

We facilitated these requirements via the development of a custom Shopify script. We developed a custom Shopify Application that allows administrators to swiftly locate an order and input the respective device IMEI, SKU and SIM Card serial for that order - all by using a barcode scanner.

We also designed and developed moderate levels of validation for all input fields within this application. For example, you can't insert a device IMEI number until you've inserted an SKU. And it will stop administrators from inserting the same IMEI, SIM Card Serial or SKU twice.

The Result

The ‘Second Life Phone’ program’s concept and creative featured throughout the digital shop and upcoming campaigns were part of an overall brand refresh, carried out internally in 2020. Given the new store's small product range, we saw this as a perfect opportunity to showcase the new brand look whilst ensuring a conversion-focussed journey from the Home page to Checkout.

Whilst still very much in its infancy, the store and the framework that we developed are perfectly placed to grow and scale following the implementation of a strong and targeted go-to-market strategy. In 2022, our work with Kingfisher was publicly recognised, winning Gold in the Melbourne Design Awards. We have no doubt that the project will continue to blossom, helping Australians find new ways to communicate and operate in more sustainable ways.

Awards & Recognition

Belong 'Second Life Devices' was awarded Gold in the Melbourne Design Awards 2022 for 'Digital - Retail & Shopping' category.

  • Melbourne Design Awards 2022
Belong SLS 1