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The Search for the Next Healthcare Superhero


Since the late 1800s, St. Vincent’s Hospitals have a deep history of providing the best healthcare for Australian's. Serving an ever-growing and diverse community, the hospital has developed a reputation for delivering superior medical services to anyone who walks through its doors.

The Goal 

St. Vincent’s was at a crossroads, and Australia was in the midst of a health crisis. It became ever more difficult to find, engage, and place qualified nurses, doctors and allied health workers.

Pain Points

  • The Pandemic. The nation was experiencing a disaster that couldn’t be fixed simply with more staff.  
  • Nurses are needed more than ever, but they are burnt out and fatigued. 
  • Some are even leaving the industry entirely.

To solve these issues, we worked with St. Vincent’s to build awareness of the brand. Establishing and building trust in new markets, we wanted the true story of life as an employee at St. Vincent’s.

stvincents goal

Many were leaving the industry due to fatigue and extreme work conditions. Our goal was to show why St. Vincent’s was the ideal employer during those trying times.

The Solution

Social Ads

We started with a suite of creative to engage users.

This included testimonials from staff, led by mobile-first video utilising footage shot through the channel 7 show nurses. We followed this up with strong call-to-action driven copy.

With 20 different ad creatives produced,  we were constantly iterating and refining the best performing creative.

Google Ads

For search was started at the source: search intent. We formulated a keyword-led search strategy to capture existing intent for nursing jobs. 

Campaign messaging remained consistent across search social to maintain high user recall.  

Custom Features

After the success of the campaign, St Vincent's has taken this strategy globally. Together, we applied our learnings to launch targeted 'micro' campaigns. We successfully reached and converted specific target audiences in both the United Kingdom and New Zealand. 

We also used this strategy to target specific groups of applicants (e.g. mental health).

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Networks Used

Post-Launch Results


The entire campaign (Aug-Nov) saw;

  • A 764% increase in sessions and a 493% increase in pageviews compared to the previous period.
  • 16.29% conversion rate.
  • Our AU Social ads served 3,281,951 impressions, reached 823,068 people.
  • Our UK Social ads served 1,047,997 impressions, reached 295,701 people.
  • Google Ads served over 127,839 impressions, generated 5,614 clicks.
  • Best Recruitment Campaign at the Australian HR Excellence Awards.

We Never Stop Iterating

Post-launch, we discovered a few key 1%’ers that could deliver a positive impact to the business. 

  • UK & NZ Campaign: After our success locally, we took our efforts globally. Our ads engaged over 1 million people across both countries, helping St. Vincent’s place the best nurses during a time when many were leaving healthcare.
  • Mental Health Campaign: Capitalising on our local and international success. We worked with St. Vincent’s on a hyper-targeted mental health worker campaign. Through this campaign, we were able to help the hospital find and recruit the best talent in the mental health field.


When crisis knocks on your door, it’s hard to know what step to take next. We were given the opportunity to solve a national problem for a leading healthcare provider, found success, and continued to iterate upon it. We look forward to our continued partnership with St. Vincent’s as we help them find, engage, and place the most qualified medical professionals in the country (and around the world).