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Australia's leading niche fragrance, bath, body and lifestyle brand distributor since 2004.

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Saison takes pride in its reputation for offering coveted brands from around the world based on their aesthetic virtues, exceptional composition of ingredients and their high regard in the international marketplace.

Their distribution portfolio includes Voluspa, Redecker, The Laundress, Nesti Dante, Acca Kappa and Carthusia di Capri among others.

"I highly recommend Soul+Wolf. They are a fantastic agency with a great team of extremely professional people. We very much enjoy working with them."

Jason Duke, Director - Saison

The Goal 

With such an impressive catalogue of products, Saison required an eCommerce solution that allowed them to manage all of their products seamlessly. Not only that but Saison's digital marketing program needed to show a measurable return after 12 months of sub-par results with other agencies.

We looked to achieve aggressive growth through new customer acquisition, along with building current customer loyalty by creating a great return shopping experience.

From there, a clear and elegant UI was necessary for not only ensuring a smooth user experience, but ensuring a high level of attention to detail that has become synonymous with the Saison brand.

This called for a complete update on key site elements (homepage, menu, product pages, and more) along with the creation of functional pieces that would improve the overall shopping experience.

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Through a combination of purpose-built functional changes and hyper-targeted Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns, Saison has seen a significant 50% increase in year-on-year growth, an impressive 600% Return on Ad Spend, along with strong increases in average order value and conversation rate. 

The Solution

We created a bright, fresh new look in line with the luxurious nature of their products, made the site completely responsive, implemented customised new systems, smart functionality and robust software. Outside of a suite of technical improvements, we also created new—and improved existing—content to elevate the site's overall SEO score.

Digital Marketing


Responsible for a 418.99% growth in revenue since kicking off, Saison's Google Ads campaign effectively targets high-intent users searching for their favourite brands and products. We optimised spend towards Saison's top product segments while the granular Single Keyword Ad Group structure allows for tailored ads to reach the right person at the right time of their buying journey. 

Our strategy was rounded out by Facebook Ads filled with engaging, immersive, and sale-optimised creative. 

Strategy Refinements

Displaying personalised content for both consumer and wholesale customer groups, we fully integrated our solution with various third-party applications including Unleashed (inventory software) and MailChimp to enabling targeted re-marketing.

User Experience


Arguably the most important change, the new mega navigation on Saison provided users with a much cleaner, more expansive way to navigate through the site's very large database of brands and products.

Additionally, the new menu caters for more custom promotional content, allowing Saison to highlight new ranges and key promotions.


Adopting a more lifestyle, magazine-like approach, bigger bolder imagery was used in tandem with key callouts to new ranges or highlighting top brands/products.

Collection Page

A far cleaner grid, with new hover states, updated filtering & sorting on mobile made for a much more intuitive user experience. Having these two pinned on scroll allows users to chop and change what they want to see without any hassle.

We also placed promotional tiles within the collection grid, showcasing key promotions in the user's line of sight as they scroll through a collection.

Product Page

We locked page content to the right-hand side as users scroll so product images always remain in the line of sight.

We also added a new brand tile, giving context and history into the product's brand.

Related collections on page allowed users to their shopping experience throughout the site.

And for mobile users, Add To Cart & Wishlists are pinned to the bottom of their device, allowing users to commit to the purchase at any moment.

Promo Codes in Cart Slide Out 

Users can now add promo codes BEFORE they get to the checkout. Not only does this make the UX easier, but it also means that promos can be added before jumping off into an alternate payment method. This removes some of the headaches that users might encounter when using instant-pay options (e.g. ShopPay & Apple Pay).


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Networks Used

  • Google Ads
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

Saison (Results)

  • 50

    Year-on-year growth achieved through an integrated digital strategy.

  • 600

    Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) through hyper-targeted search & social campaigns.

  • 140

    Increase in traffic through integrated search, social and email campaigns.

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