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Australia's premier choice for tiling and flooring. 


Building on their decorated 35 years as industry pioneers, National Tiles sought to evolve their digital imprint to best-reflect an innovation of products and services.

The Goal

National Tiles looked to re-establish its position as the market leader by increasing its digital footprint.

They engaged us to implement the best combination of high-growth strategies through paid channels and organic SEO – looking to boost online revenue and achieve strong year on year growth.

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We created a dynamic and full-funnel digital strategy integrating Google Ads, Social Campaigns & Organic Content; to work in best-combination with the National Tiles wider marketing strategy.

The Solution

Given the scale of the National Tiles range (the company has 1,500+ products), creating Google Ads campaigns with personalised messages for each product category had previously seemed impossible. We began the task of segmenting, allowing National Tiles to serve unique ads whether a user was searching "splashback tiles" or "hybrid flooring". Through highly-targeted keywords and optimised ad copy, National Tiles quickly saw both click-through rates and conversion rates skyrocket.

Facebook's Ad ecosystem allows advertisers to run ads not only across Facebook & Instagram but within Messenger, Facebook Marketplace and Stories. Working closely with National Tiles' impressive creative team, we tailored creative assets for each placement toward maximum engagement. With ad creative locked in, we explored different ways of targeting home renovators and in-market customers with Lookalike Audiences – swiftly becoming the brand's best source of new customers.

To promote organic search growth, we made notable improvements to the website's technical and on-site SEO make up. Through cleaning up broken pages — caused by the brand's recent shift to a new website — we created and optimised a series of new category pages, resulting in an impressive organic traffic surge of more than 20%, with that figure still rising.

“Helping to redefine our digital approach through an integrated Google ads strategy, Soul+Wolf were critical in helping National Tiles achieve our best year of all time. The team and Board are consistently impressed by the fantastic returns Soul+Wolf generate through their expertise.”

Bart Schofield, National Tiles

The Results

Our rigorous digital strategy saw impressive annual growth for National Tiles in both traffic & revenue across 2020.

  • 225

    Customer-focussed creative and a new approach to audience targeting saw social revenue improve by more than 225%.

  • 56

    With Google Ads quickly becoming National Tiles most important customer acquisition channel we saw revenue improve by more than 56% while improving Return on Ad Spend.

  • 28

    Early focus on the website's technical failings and website architecture saw National Tiles improve organic traffic by 28% across 2020.

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