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A global leader in sleep medicine & non-invasive ventilation.

ResMed changes lives by developing, manufacturing and distributing innovative medical devices and cloud-based software solutions to better diagnose, treat, and manage sleep-disordered breathing, COPD, and other key chronic diseases.

With the assurance of their 30 year history and expertise in sleep, a refreshed brand and new eCommerce focussed ResMed needed help to breathe new life into their category.

The Goal

Parallel to ResMed's mission, their marketing goal was to become the number one brand and "go-to" choice in Sleep Health.

In addition to this goal, ResMed was seeking to reposition its brand as more 'holistic' and wanted to successfully drive sales to ResMed’s recent dive into eCommerce.

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The Solution


With market research identifying two key audience demographics, we worked with ResMed and their media partner 500 Digital to produce creative content that would engage with each of them. Using Facebook’s powerful audience targeting tools, we were then able to show the right set of creative assets, to the right person at the right time.

Unless you can read minds, it’s almost impossible to tell what copy, images or headlines your audience will "like" or engage with. But via iterative ad testing, we were able to quickly identify subtle ad variations which once optimised, culminated in a 14% lower 'cost per acquisition'.


With varying business objectives and limited budget, we looked to structure the Google Ads account to focus on each objective individually. This included "solution-aware" targeted campaigns for those users who were currently looking for a CPAP device or accessory.

Having recently expanded their product line to include blue-light blocking glasses, nasal patches and anti snoring pillows, we built out both branded and non-branded campaigns to drive immediate sales growth. This ensured that users searching for ‘ResMed’ or its flagship products would be directed to right page and optimised for conversion.

Given the launch of a new website and increased above the line media spend, we implemented a "brand protection" campaign to ensure that any search for ResMed’s brand or flagship products, once again directed users to the right page on their new website.

The Results

  • An 80% reduction in cost per acquisition within 3 months;
  • A 10.24% Account Wide click-through-rate;
  • A 682.25% return on CPAP device sales;
  • A 447.81% return on sleep health-related products;
  • A $15 cost per lead.
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