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Only About Children (Oac) is dedicated to delivering inspired, high quality early years education. With over 70 Campuses across 3 states, Oac are committed to giving children more than just education, but also a focus on their health and ensuring a positive sense of wellbeing. 



The Goal

With ambitions to grow and truly scale, Oac required a digital solution to match their evolving requirements.

The first and most critical step in this process was to re-platform their (recently developed) website to a more robust, reliable and flexible framework.

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Re-platforming from an antiquated Umbraco solution, we met and exceeded Oac's expectations with our SilverStripe implementation.

The Solution

The shortcomings of Umbraco was a key factor for Oac to engage Soul+Wolf. In response, Soul+Wolf re-platformed the .NET solution to an open-source PHP framework; SilverStripe. The new SilverStripe framework, coupled with the implementation of a modular content management system allowed the Oac team to manage all of their website content with ease.

As part of the solution, a custom built user-defined form module was developed to allow Oac Administrators the ability to independently create a series of campaigns and forms. Additionally, these forms could also be integrated with a third-party CRM, with the data input and API mapping of the integration all manageable via the CMS. 

Finally, due to SilverStripe's natively SEO focussed framework, the ability to retain SEO value during the migration process, as well as the ability to implement several marketing initiatives without developer input was a key delivery factor for Oac.

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