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Crestone Wealth Management provides wealth advice and portfolio management services to high-net-worth clients and family offices, not-for-profit organisations and financial institutions.

With a presence in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, its commitment to personal service, strategic partnerships, and an 80 year foundation of diverse experience have propelled Crestone to be an industry leader, as they continue to provide an unrivalled level of service. 

The Goal

Disappointed with the shiny promises constantly made by large proprietary systems and with aspirations to scale their presence in the digital space, Soul+Wolf were tasked with re-platforming Crestone using open-source technology that would allow them to adopt a number of functional, aesthetic and marketing initiatives seamlessly.

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"A can-do attitude. That is what impressed me the first time I met the team from Soul+Wolf, and they didn’t disappoint. From build, to go live, to optimisation, they have been an extension of our team and a pleasure to work with. They always found a way to deliver above my expectations."

The Solution

With scalability at the forefront, Soul+Wolf migrated the Crestone website to an open-source, well supported framework in SilverStripe. With the intention to make content management seamless, a series of dynamic blocks were styled and developed which would allow Crestone administrators to construct pages with reusable content.

This modular approach was designed to give complete freedom to Crestone, allowing them to be proactive in their own right for managing new content in a number of ways.

Since the website's launch in July 2019, Soul+Wolf has been able to develop and release several new features on top of Crestone's new SilverStripe framework.

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