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You wanna make an omelette? You have to break some eggs.


As a not-for-profit association with both industry and government responsibilities, Australian Eggs are the leaders in educating Australian’s on all things eggs, as well as their role providing marketing and R&D services for the benefit of Australian egg farmers.

The Goal

Australian Eggs sought a long-term partner to improve their online imprint and develop effective and strategic content to become the epicentre for eggs in Australia.

They were looking to take ownership of the digital space, staking their claim as experts and the point of authority within their industry – from every angle.

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For over 10 months, we worked tirelessly with Australian Eggs to curate, create and optimise traffic-driving content to best-demonstrate their industry standing.

The Solution

As an organisation, Australian Eggs had all the makings and markers of exceptional content – they simply needed to spark the right conversations in the right channels. 

For too long they’d played second fiddle on sensitive search results surrounding nutrition, food safety and farming practices – losing out to so-called health blogs housing inaccurate content and out-of-date sources. 

First of all, we looked at functionality. Their website wasn’t new, but without any real focus on SEO, we began by conducting a full technical review to clean up a high volume of thin, duplicate and poorly optimised content.

Overall user experience (UX) on the website was largely inefficient. We worked, and continue to work with Australian Eggs to address navigation issues and enhance the overall experience, particularly on mobile.

From there, our process shifted to content – discovering, building and optimising. And with an untapped bank of content at our disposal, we combined forces with the vibrant Whisk Media Group, to produce recipes jam-packed with ideas that were sure to succeed in search.

With the combination of the industry's leading keyword research tools – and blood, sweat and tears - we identified 60+ new recipes and 40 'hot topics’ both highly searched and relevant to the Australian Eggs audience. These findings were then divided into pillars, relevant content was developed and then optimised for search leveraging Australian Eggs voice as an authority in the digital space.

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“Soul+Wolf were instrumental in transforming our connectivity with our audiences, campaign optimisation, marketing synergy and return on investment. The Australian Eggs team and Board have been consistently impressed by the fantastic results that Soul+Wolf have generated through their efforts and they are a key marketing partner for our organisation.”

Frances Jewell, Marketing & Communications Manager - Australian Eggs

The Results

Now, Australian Eggs has a digital home that's booming with valuable and engaging content, alongside a captive and ever-growing audience to unhatch the benefits of Eggs.

  • 227

    A 227% improvement in pageviews against the previous year

  • 283

    283% more impressions on Google search year on year.

  • 92

    92% of all tracked keywords ranking on the first page of Google.

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