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Specialising in residential property sales & management since 1921.

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The Woodards' website plays a critical role in distributing information about property and the market across 14 offices.

This information is often time-critical, so it’s imperative that it not only displays this information in a way that’s easy to digest for users but simple for Woodards to keep up to date.

"After an extensive interview process, we chose Soul+Wolf as our Digital Agency. The team delivered on their promise & created an incredibly attractive & functional site. It was everything that we hoped for."

The Goal

Woodards wanted to showcase each of their property listings with quality and distinction, however underpinning this was the biggest challenge of all - Property Search.

Without a doubt, the largest challenge of this project was understanding the various ways in which a user would perform a property search and then how to only serve the most relevant, property-related information every step of the way.

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Developed with cutting-edge Node.js technology, the Woodards' website seamlessly integrates & dynamically loads ubiquitous property listing data from 14 different office locations.

The Solution

By following industry best practice, we developed a very simple and easy-to-use 'Property Search' tool that enables users to search and view various properties and save their favourites.

Upon loading the site, it’s evident that ‘Property Search’ is the focal point of the site. It’s not just the form itself that makes this obvious, but the surrounding positive white-space that’s used. In fact, white space (both positive and negative) is a technique that’s used throughout the site to ensure that key information is easily consumed.

The 'Property Search' form accommodates a broad range of very simple and highly complex search requests based on the user’s intent. At first glance, the form is incredibly sleek and only offers the most critical search information in order to return and display relevant property results. Extending this further, the user can very simply request various other property variables to narrow down their results.

This beautiful user experience is not only available on desktop, but most importantly on mobile, where user attention and screen size is relatively limited.

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