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For over 100 years, Ruyton Girls School has empowered, nurtured and helped foster the passions for girls of all ages. From their inception in 1878 to today, the Ruyton community pride themselves on being an independent, forward thinking girls' school, whose commitment to their students past and present represents a benchmark in Australia's education sector.

Soul+Wolf were very proud to have been tasked with bringing Ruyton digital presence into a new era.

The Goal

Ruyton Girls needed a digital solution that showcased their rich history and impressive curriculum to prospective, current and past parents of the community.

With such a strong emphasis on critical content being readily available for the Ruyton community, a complete redesign was essential in ensuring a smooth user experience, as well as delivering the values of Ruyton Girls clearly and confidently to new and past users. 


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Leveraging the change to an open-source technology from a previously custom built framework, we were able to develop a series of custom-built, CMS manageable user forms which allowed parents to Apply, Donate and Enrol to the school. 

The Solution

To increase online engagement with prospective parents, a series of custom and interactive features were developed to give new users a comprehensive look into Ruyton Girls. 

A custom, multi-variable Prospectus module was developed for parents to engage with on the site. This feature would allow prospective parents who were considering joining the Ruyton community to develop a detailed prospectus that perfectly encapsulated the point of entry, areas of interest and family details. The substantial level of conditional formatting involved in this solution ensured a level of specificity per user, encapsulating Ruytons attention to detail when it comes to the varying needs of all of their students. 

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