Kicking Goals in Non-Profit Work


The RSPCA is an independent, community-based charity providing animal care and protection services across the country. The RSPCA federation works collaboratively to make animals’ lives better by running shelters, addressing cruelty complaints, and educating the wider community on animal welfare and responsible pet ownership. Established in 1871, the RSPCA leads the charge in advocating for policy changes that improve the welfare of animals.


Why the RSPCA Partnered With Us

Fighting for the rights of Australian animals is a job that never ends. RSPCA is on the ground day in and day out, campaigning for new legislation. And while their website was in dire need of an update, the project had not been at the forefront of their plans.

Over the last decade, the RSPCA’s website transformed from chihuahua to mastiff. A once small site grew to a massively complex 1,500+ page behemoth. Difficult to navigate, the site did not encapsulate the values and mission of the RSPCA and it was still running on technology generations behind what its users expected and needed. 

  • The site did not encapsulate the values and mission of the RSPCA and was extremely challenging to navigate.
  • The user interface was dated, making it ever so complicated for site visitors to perform the simplest of tasks - like registering for a seminar.
  • The site didn’t carry the gravitas of the RSPCA, further impacting the reputation of one of Australia’s most beloved institutions.

With previous experience in the purpose-driven sector with the likes of the Ian Potter Foundation and the sustainability-focused Belong, they were the ideal agency to carry out a project in a way that was sensitive to the needs and goals of the RSPCA.

“The outcome is something we’re all extremely proud of, and is a culmination and reflection of all the award-winning work we’ve done within the not-for-profit sector. Having all of that previous experience really helped us understand what the client wanted from the moment we first met to discuss the project. The alignment was perfect and it’s a real pleasure working with the entire team at the RSPCA.”  —Marco Rosano, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Soul+Wolf

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The Solution

Championing a cause very close to our hearts, we felt immense pride to be partnering with the RSPCA  – one of Australia's oldest and most respected not-for-profit organisations – as they looked to completely transform their ‘digital pawprint’ with a new website.

Whilst the site certainly lived to inform, the solution needed to inspire users to join their fight against animal cruelty. Specific attention was given to;

  • Creating a library of custom-made “content blocks” empowering RSPCA to create more than 3,844 unique page templates – crafting an experience to suit whatever cause they’re trying to champion. 
  • Providing a home for key issues that RSPCA advocates for nationally such as live sheep export and duck hunting.
  • Offering users the ability to support RSPCA - through donations and volunteering - making a difference in animal welfare across Australia.
  •  Allowing users to take action for a cause right on the page – even as far as cleverly matching postcodes to automatically email your local MP.
  • Giving Australians an easy path to adopting a cat or dog – making a friend for life – and giving these animals a second chance. 
  • Providing the perfect gateway to RSPCA’s 8 state-level subsidiaries, allowing users to take immediate and effective action for all the above causes at the local level. 
  • Showcasing the organisation’s rich history - dating back to 1871.

The website was built using the Silverstripe framework, selected for its impeccable security, scalability and user-friendliness. Championed across official Australian and New Zealand government agency websites, Silverstripe provided the perfect scaffolding for a project with such a clear dependency on large-scale content management. 

Meticulous backend design. Effortless content management. A seamless browsing experience. Let’s raise the ‘woof’ to a beautiful, modern website.