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As one of Australia's eldest organizations, Kildonan UnitingCare has been an innovative and trusted community service provider to Australians struggling with personal or financial hardships.

Kildonan offers its services to a diverse range of people in need including family members who may also be affected.


Kildonan has maintained an image and expectation of preempting social trends within the community in an attempt to develop practical, contemporary and comprehensive solutions to the issues faced by people within the community.

It is this focus on practicality married with innovation that Kildonan wanted to highlight on their website.


Kildonan highlighted that inter-relationships often exist between issues and the importance of clients being able to easily and simply access a range of support services from the one place. In turn, Kildonan wanted us to develop a user friendly site that can highlight the range of services Kildonan offers in a simple, welcoming way.


The website was designed to be approachable to a diverse range of clientele due to the fact, as previously mentioned, the ability for people to source help isn't always simple. As clientele may be cautious about sourcing information to help them confront their issues, an aesthetically colourful, easy to read UI was integral in making the website's content seem approachable.

For those who aren't struggling themselves, but would like to help out those who need it, the website now allows for online donations. Though, Kildonan emphasizes that they are foremost about looking after one's own family first, and that donations should only be made if the donee is in a financial position to do so.

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