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Bananas in Pyjamas & More

Kids Promotions is a family owned and operated company that holds the national touring license for ABC TV's Play School Live shows, Bananas in Pyjamas, and more.


Kids Promotions needed a custom event and booking site that allowed parents with easy access to view, register and pay for various upcoming events.


Kids Promotions can add event descriptions and video trailers, and once the user has found an event of interest, they use integrated Google Maps to identify locations and session times.

Users can then make a selection and process through an integrated payment process. Other features of the website include a merchandise store, an integrated online advertising system, and gift vouchers.

Users can also register as members, to receive benefits such as pre-release tickets, discounted tickets, and saving data entry when purchasing.


To resolve the issue of multiple users purchasing the same ticket for a registered seating event, we implemented a custom live socket feed of (database) availability. That means, should a user add a ticket to their cart, that ticket will be temporarily unavailable for everyone else. There is of course a time limit placed upon this reservation, which then resolves any potential of potential conflicting tickets.

89% increase in visits

46% increase in SEO visits

22% increase in Mobile Usage

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