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Australia Post Goes Broadband

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Australia Post is the great connector. It has helped Aussies across generations pack, ship, and receive countless parcels locally and internationally. 

The self-funded government enterprise is owned by all Australians and receives zero tax funding. In 2022 alone, over 2 billion items were processed in various AusPost locations around the country.

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The Goal 

Australia Post already has a functional, optimised website. Why would they need our expertise?

Always looking for ways to better service the wider Australian community, AusPost approached BTB Australia and Soul+Wolf with a new project; Australia Post Connect. The goal of this project was to competitively position AusPost as a trusted, reliable provider of mobile plans and broadband services.

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The Australia Post Connect project represented a feat of technical innovation and cross-business collaboration in the ecommerce space. We built the mechanism to sell and manage broadband services nationwide through a simple, functional, and beautiful frontend.

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The Solution

We started off with a complete redesign of the site, aiming to create a user interface that elevated the overall browsing experience. Building off of the original, mobile-plan-only service we also overhauled the My Account section of the site. The redesign allowed users to easily manage and monitor their broadband and/or mobile plans, upgrading or downgrading a service in just a few simple clicks.

Broadband implementation required a complete custom solution. Built on a Shopify platform, we created a React application exclusively for the site. The application integrated directly with a series of complex and tailored endpoints constructed by BTB. On the frontend, users could purchase broadband in real-time from plans specific to their location and speed requirements.

If the site lives on Shopify, would that make the checkout Shopify-branded? Not necessarily.

With a strong legacy brand like Australia Post, we knew this would never be acceptable. While the checkout experience lives on Shopify, it is completely custom. The end result is a seamless, branded, and trusted experience for the user. See how it looks below.

Despite the project's heavy technical nature, no shortcuts were made with respect to Accessibility, ensuring the site maintained its AA level WCAG standard. We are proud to be involved in the Australia Post Connect project, helping the nation’s parcel service develop new connections with Australians.


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