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Achieving Excellence

776BC, named after the year the Olympic games commenced, prides itself on delivering high quality, highly durable sporting attire that is specifically designed to withstand a range of conditions.

Founded by Cameron McKenzie-McHarg, two-time Olympian and Beijing Silver medalist, and Kate McKenzie-McHarg, 776BC is a product designed by professional athletes, for professional athletes.


776BC wanted a website that transmitted its values of professionalism and excellence, as well as showcasing its products and the athletes who endorsed them.

Potential customers needed to understand that their products are for those who want to strive for a level of professionalism in their sport. As the products are designed by professional athletes, they need their endorsements to be a representation of intelligent, hard work.


To design an ecommerce site that showcased each product by highlighting its values towards professionalism and excellence within the sporting industry.


776BC needed to shift away from competitors by offering endorsements from athletes who had in fact helped design and produce the products.

By giving each athlete their own dedicated page and Journal, it allowed the endorsement to become more personal, and more real. Highlighting their biggest challenges and preparation to compete is a great way to encourage customers to reconcile with the athletes, developing a bond that can evoke greater brand respect, and In turn result in sales.


Launching late January 2016 and receiving another small update in early February, the website has seen a significant increase in the number of users and monthly visits it receives, as well as their engagement with the system.

750% Increase in Visits

46% Decrease in Bounce Rate

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