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Soul+Wolf are partners with SilverStripe and our SilverStripe designers & developers work extensively on this new and innovative platform, creating interactive and imaginative websites with the fail-­safe SilverStripe architecture behind them.

Performance focus

If a website fails, your business fails. SilverStripe is all about performance and scales up to accommodate the most content ­rich and interactive sites, while keeping them easy to edit.

  • Perfect for transactional sites (retail)
  • Excellent search functions for your site
  • Built to safeguard your data

Software and integrations

SilverStripe developers work within the SilverStripe Framework, which gives developers the freedom and power to ramp up your site with impressive and unique new features.

  • Open source and fuelled by SilverStripe developer community
  • Add­-ons for specific site elements
  • Non­restrictive framework for creative coding

Tailored solutions

SilverStripe is the ultimate in tailored solutions – this open source software, with its code within its framework, allows for ultimate growth and flexibility within a super­ secure landscape.

  • Have your site can look and act exactly how you want with custom design
  • Intuitive SilverStripe CMS for ease and efficiency
  • Proving popular with government and education websites

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