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Soul+Wolf are trusted partners with Magento and can expertly design and develop Magento e-Commerce solutions for online businesses, creating elegant online shopping experiences with integrity.

Performance focus

With the power of Magento 2, we can focus on every aspect of your business, extract vital information and develop a bespoke strategy that addresses the unique needs and goals of both your business and your customer, taking conversion to the next level.

  • Conversion strategy
  • Personalised shopping
  • Enterprise-level solutions
  • SEO optimisation

Software and integrations

Your site needs to have a cohesive ecosystem. The advantage of Magento 2 is that it is highly customisable, with a great extensions library. Wolf can select, implement and configure the perfect suite of extensions while integrating with third parties to keep your site holistic and healthy.

  • Email integration
  • Social and marketing integration
  • Payment and gateway integration
  • Shipping fulfilment integration
  • Third party integration

Tailored solutions

Every business has unique and specific requirements. Using Magento and their library of extensions, we can tailor an e-commerce solution that addresses your current strategy and success and directs it to the next stage, be it market growth or revamping and integrating your existing e-commerce site.

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